13th Disciple
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George L. Williams II also known as The 13th Disciple was born on January 2, 1983, in Philadelphia, PA to the parents of George L.  Williams and Rose J. Jones. He was raised in Orlando, FL by his mother, grandmother and sister while his father was away in the Navy. He grew up attending St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando and gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 6 years old. Then his family transitioned and he began attending The Way of Life Ministries until the age of 16. 

During George’s teen years he grew up very lonely and isolated not understanding why he was not accepted by his peers. At the age of 17 George reached a turning point in his life and started to hang out with the wrong crowd in high school. He began to experience the clubs, woman, weed, alcohol and all the world had to offer him.

On November 29th, 2002 at the age of 19 during a trip back home from Tampa, FL with friends the driver fell asleep at the wheel of the car while George was sleeping in the backseat. The car flipped several times off the highway and landed underneath the water in a swamp. He woke up with water at his waist and his friends managed to get the car door open so that he could get out; everyone survived. This major event both shocked and motivated him to draw closer to the Lord. 


After being baptized through the Word of God and understanding God’s word, he gave his life completely to Christ with divine understanding of who he was in Christ and what he was commissioned to do before birth and surrendered his life to God at the age of 22 and soon the gift of spoken word would be manifested. The A.K.A. Lounge in Downtown Orlando, FL is where he was exposed to the art of spoken word and at the age of 23 he first began publicly speaking. When he saw how the gift of spoken word moved the crowd and touched their hearts he went before God and asked Him to open up doors to minister spoken word to reach his generation. George would go to the club week after week and minister to the people in the open mic clubs through spoken word, and pray with the people in the club and lead them to Christ, this is how the journey began.